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To me, one who taught A, B, C, D in my school are not only Teachers…

Friends who stood with me in my difficult times keeping their hands on my shoulders,

When i was in darkness, the books which fulfilled my thirst of knowledge and changed the path of my life,

The kind hands which wiped my tears when i was crying in the open street,

My blessed parents who introduced me to this world by giving birth to me,

The great people who gave me a job when i was struggling for my school fees and daily bread.

My inner soul which made me to repent about my mistakes,

The cheaters who cheated me by hiding hate behind their fake smiles,

My lover who entered into my life like a light when i was started to hate my life,

The strict life which taught me to accept every problem as a challenge,

The great people who taught me, how to live,

This way all are my “Best Teachers…”

Because “Any man who taught us even a single letter is also a Great Teacher for us”.

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