Happy New Year Messages – Happy New Year Wishes

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In our life ups and downs are compulsory.
Love and Hate are necessary.
Everything is new for every second.
There is no good luck or bad luck.
Every second is best.
So don’t waste your happy seconds for silly silly fights and misunderstandings.

One minute of your anger kills your 60 seconds of smile.
New year is coming towards you to give you new things.
Don’t die in old memories.
Hit refresh yourself.

Welcome New Year with fresh mindset.
Get compromise with your heart broken lover or friend.
Start new friendship with new year.

Happy New Year Messages - new year wishes - happy new year wishes

“Forget the past,
Accept the situation,
Love and Live in present,
Be ready to face the future,
Keep moving with sweet smile,
Don’t forget life is awesome and you are also awesome.

Wish you HAPPY NEW YEAR Good luck….”

Happy New Year Messages - new year wishes - happy new year wishes

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