Best Jobs and Businesses of 2020 – Profitable Business and Jobs in 2020

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              People who have more knowledge want to do their dream job. People who don’t have much knowledge, they don’t have any dream jobs. They are ready to do any work. People who have true Passion never ask others that “What job should I do?”. But people who do not have a true Passion always ask others that “What job should I do? What business should I do?”. Our college students are among such people. They have a desire to learn. They want to well settle in their life. But they don’t have proper knowledge about “What to learn? How to learn? Where to learn? Which skills brings me good job? etc”. I’m making this episode for them. In this episode i am going to give brief information about the best jobs and businesses of 2020. Well, here are the best jobs and businesses of 2020.

Best Jobs and Businesses of 2020 - Profitable Business and Jobs in 2020

1) Consultancy Jobs and Businesses

       Currently a lot of people don’t have much knowledge and experience. They are doing their job or business with half knowledge and zero experience. They are very much in need of consultancy. Therefore, You can go deeper into any subject, after becoming expert in that subject, you can work as an individual consultant. Or you can start your own consultancy agency.

For Example : GST and other Tax consultant, Mutual Funds and Share Market Consultant, Investment Consultant, Business Consultant like CA and CS, Finance Consultant, Legal Adviser etc…

Best Jobs and Businesses of 2020 - Profitable Business and Jobs in 2020

2) Management Jobs and Businesses

      Currently there is a wave of business and startups in our country. So, along with ordinary workers, there is the need of owner like workers. I mean that there is a need for workers who stay in place of the boss and work while leading the team with responsibility. All of these come under the management section. If you have good management and leadership skills, then you can do a job or business in the management field.

For Example ; Finance Management, Business Management, Company Management, Hotel Management, Travel Management, Celebrity Management, Social media Management, Project Management, Film Production Management, Sales & Marketing Management, Event Management, Health & Hospital Management etc.

3) Digital Jobs and Businesses

       Presently, Internet and social media revolution has occurred in India. Everyone has a mobile in their hands. It seems that internet is more important than food, water and air. Everyone is in online. That’s why all businesses are slowly shifting to online. Digitization is taking place. Hence the demand for digital marketing has increased a lot. You can do Digital Marketing, Email Marketing, Social Media Marketing, Data Storage & Marketing, Data Scientist, Software Developer, Web Developer, Android Developer, Cyber ​​Security Jobs or Business.

4) Technology Jobs and Businesses

     Now a lot of Research and Experiments are going on all over the world for the sake of business and money. As a result, a lot of technology related jobs and businesses have came to market. A lot of technology jobs and businesses will come in the future. If you have knowledge, skill, money and madness then you can try your hand in these technology businesses.

For Example ; Electric Vehicles, Solar Cars (Tesla Cars), Artificial Intelligency, Virtual Reality, Augmented reality, Wireless power transportation, Space Transportation and Tourism etc…

Best Jobs and Businesses of 2020 - Profitable Business and Jobs in 2020

5) Designer Jobs and Businesses

    If you have creativity and free thinking, then you can work as a designer or do your own business.

For Example ; Graphic Designer, Web Designer, Car Designer, Home and Architect Designer, Interior Designer, Fashion Designer, Costume Designer, Industrial Designer, Textile Designer, Jewelry Designer, Film Production Designer, Film Set Designer, Decoration designer etc.

Best Jobs and Businesses of 2020 - Profitable Business and Jobs in 2020

6) Film-making, and Mass Media Jobs and Businesses

As I already mentioned, now the business and start-up wind is blowing loudly in India. This is why the Advertising Industry is growing monstrously day by day. With this, the entertainment industry is also growing. Apart from these, a new trend has started in the news industry. Many online news channels have arrived. So you can do job or business in film making and mass media field.

For Example ; You can work as Writer, Actor, Director, Cinematographer, Editor, Sound Engineer, Anchor, VFx Artist, Photographer, Videographer, Drone Operator etc. The Tourism Industry is also growing. You can also work as a travel photographer, travel filmmaker. If you have the money, you can start your own video production company, film production house, ad film agency and online news channel.

Best Jobs and Businesses of 2020 - Profitable Business and Jobs in 2020

7) Trainer Jobs and Businesses

     If you are interested in learning and teaching, you can come to the training industry and earn more money in less time.

For Example ; You can be a Fitness Trainer, Teacher, Dietitian, Nutritionist, Counselor, Mental Health Adviser, Personal Problem Solver, Business Coach, Soft Skills Trainer, Motivational speaker, public speaker etc.

Best Jobs and Businesses of 2020 - Profitable Business and Jobs in 2020

8) Wedding Industry Jobs and Businesses

   Friends, now the wedding industry is seeing a new success. Now Pre-Wedding Photo shoot, Pre-Wedding Songs, Post Wedding Photo shoot, Cinematic Wedding Films, Couples Photo shoot, New Born Baby Photo shoot, Maternity Photo shoot etc are all in boom. Now there is a situation that if you do not do a pre-wedding photo shoot, then the engagement is canceled. Weddings break up if cinematic wedding films are not ready to be done. Hence cinematic wedding films are in high demand.

You can work in this wedding industry as a Photographer, Videographer, Cinematographer, Makeup Artist, Mehandi Artist, Dress Designer, Stage Decorator, Lighting Decoration artist, Sound Artist, Wedding Album Designer, Photo Editor, Wedding Event Manager etc. Otherwise You can start your own wedding film making company or Wedding Event Management Company.

Best Jobs and Businesses of 2020 - Profitable Business and Jobs in 2020

        Bonus Tip – Friends, Now most of the people are running behind money. They are working day and night for money. They are traveling continuously for money. They are ruining their health by eating and drinking anything. So they all need the health and medicine. If you get a chance to learn or do business in the field of health and medicine, then don’t miss it. The Medical Industry does not lose its demand for any reason. Whatever be the case, the medical industry always remains in demand.

Best Jobs and Businesses of 2020 - Profitable Business and Jobs in 2020

       Fine friends, according to me these are the most profitable jobs and businesses of 2020. Since these are all Rising Businesses, you can learn them first and then start. Think once again properly and do market research again. Learn whatever you want, start business and earn huge amount of money.

Best Jobs and Businesses of 2020 - Profitable Business and Jobs in 2020

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