Some Facts of My College Life - facts about college life

Some Facts of My College Life - facts about college life
           My school life is very COOL, but college life is little bit HOT. My college life is full of fun. Along with entertaining studies there are some unbelievable serious facts. Here are they,

* Everyday, every class great effort to sit on the last bench.

* Rejection of love proposals of my class girls. 

* Remaining absent to some boring and torturing classes.

* Extraordinary efforts and build ups to impress girls.

* Silent mode mobile in every class.

* Talking unnecessarily in the boring classes.

* Everyday waiting for girls at  Bus stop.

* Intentionally going late to some classes.

* Comedies and tragedies in class, college and bus stand.

* Escape from seminars and workshops.

* Over night last minute preparation for exams.

* Maximum number of class bunks for films.

* Regular absent to some classes.

* Shortage of attendance. But full of pocket money.

*  Special classes at Principal and HOD chambers.

* Often suspend from classes and practical experiments. 

* Internal and practical marks reductions due to bad behaviour.

* Installment passing of mathematics subject per semester.

* Always late to submit assignments and projects.

* Silly debates with lecturers by asking useless stupids questions. 

* Regular fights with some seniors. 

* Strong friendships but no big gang of friends.

* No any girlfriends among classmates. But .... 

* Lot of crushes but nobody entered into my heart as Lover.

* Big fights for friend's love problems.

* Big birthday treats.

* Unfriendly lecturers. (Not all but some)

* Showy respect to some selected lecturers.

* Semi Hero, semi villain fame in college.

* 99.999999 % Good name but 0.000000001 % Bad name.

* Scored good marks in every exam, but honored with "Good example for BAD BOY" award.

* Giving visit to city wine shop for every weakend. 

          Etc... Etc... Etc... I can't share everything in a single article. Share yours interesting college facts with me..  Waiting for your college facts... Have fun and take care.
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