When She Talked - One Moral Story -Moral Stories in English

When She Talked - One Moral Story

                      One day one man went to forest to bring wood. He found a big tree and blew his sharp ax to its branch. As soon as he blew his ax to its branch, tree started to cry, saying that "Oh Nature Goddess, please excuse this stupid poor man and save him". By looking tears in that tree, that man started to talk with tree.

When She Talked - One Moral Story

Man : Hey Tree, why are crying?

Tree : Your grievous ax didn't hurt me. But the inhumanity of men like you hurt me so much. I'm crying for that...

Man : What is this? Why are you talking like puzzle. Don't you say something quite understandable? I am't understanding what you are saying...

Tree : Hey foolish man, listen. You are not born in our belly, but you are ours son. You are a innocent child who grown up in our lap, playing freely. We are growing you all people by giving everything without any return benefit. We are giving you plenty of air and water freely. Also we are feeding your  hungry stomach by dying ourselves. But you people aren't grateful for us. You people don't even have sense of our sacrifice. We have given our life to you all. We sacrificed everything for your living. But what have you given us? Only pain, tears, polluted air and finally death. That's it, nothing more.

When She Talked - One Moral Story

Man : Oh great mother please forgive this sinner. You are the Goddess who opened my eyes and brought awareness about my mistake. Thanks for opening my eyes. Please excuse me.

Tree : My son, why these big words? Is mother get hurt by baby's kick? We all love you and forgive you. Not only us, Nature Goddess also love you all. That's why you human beings still breathing even after committing continuous violence on nature. Don't destroy this beautiful nature. Don't torture this nature. Love this nature and save this nature. Live Happily with pure air and pure environment.

Man : What a generous mother you are. From today i love nature and worship nature. I never torture to this nature in any way. I am ready to sacrifice my life to save this nature. Thanks for opening my eyes. Now i am going open other's eyes. Thanks you, i will come again...

When She Talked - One Moral Story

          Friends, love and protect this nature. Don't torture this nature. Today, if you destroyed this nature, in future days you definitely suffer in real hell before your death. You might need to carry oxygen tanks for breathing. So wake up now only. Love, Worship and Preserve this nature... 
When She Talked - One Moral Story
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