5 Success Rules of Google CEO Sundar Pichai - Success Rules by Sundar Pichai

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            Success is not reserved to any rich person. Success is for everyone who puts his sincere efforts to get it. Success loves both hard workers and smart workers. Among thousands of people, only one person can able to get success. One such successful person is Google's current CEO Mr. Sundar Pichai. There are lot of things to learn from such successful persons. They are inspiration to young generations. Mr. Sundar Rajan Pichai is an Indian and his simplicity, humbleness and ever smiling face is memorable. Here are his success rules or tips to get success. 

1) Well Educate Yourself : 

                 Don't neglect your studies for your Silly things. Educate yourself. Learn what you need. Fully focus on your studies. Understand the concepts and use them for your benefits. Learn from each and every thing and every person. Lot of things are available to learn in free of charge. Look at them and just learn them. Update yourself to adjust with present competitive world. Fallow your dreams. Fallow your passions. But don't neglect studies. Do what you love with 100% effort. 

Well educate yourself

2) Generate New Ideas : 

        Always try to generate new ideas. Hunt for new things. Only ideas does matter. It didn't matter who are you ? where are you come from ? what is your family back ground ? Only ideas matter. Only ideas make you become successful in your field. One revolutionary brilliant idea can make you king in your business. Give tough tasks to your brain. Be clean from heart and be sharp from brain. 

Generate new Ideas

3) Leave Your Comfort Zone : 

          Try to come out of your comfort zone. Take risks in your life. Try to do something different and special from others. Leave your comfort zone. Try and try again. Never feel bad for failure. Put more and more efforts until you succeed in it. Push yourself towards your dreams. Until you take risks for your dreams, you can't go anywhere. 

Leave your comfort zone

4) Solve Problems related to your field : 

          Try to solve problems in your field. Be an optimist. Put long time efforts to solve problems. Society wants solutions from you. Empower surrounding people to do something good. Inspire other peoples to do great things. Invent new things which are required for beneficial of society and system. 

success tips

5) Predict Future Technology : 

            Think about what is coming next. Think which technology or product will enter to market in future. Keep Inventing new things. Upgrade your skills and products as per market demand. Think for long term. Be curious about new technology. 

5  Success Rules of Google CEO Sundar Pichai - Success Rules by Sundar Pichai

Note : This article is fully based on Sundar Pichai's speeches.

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5 Success Rules of Google CEO Sundar Pichai - Success Rules by Sundar Pichai 5  Success Rules of Google CEO Sundar Pichai - Success Rules by Sundar Pichai Reviewed by Roaring Creations on November 21, 2017 Rating: 5
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